Thrive DC: Prototype Save-the-Date Card

For our final project, we are creating materials for a non-profit organization called Thrive DC.

Here is one of my prototype I created for a save-the-date card:

Screen shot 2013-10-20 at 10.50.41 PM

My thought process behind this save-the-date card was simple: to keep the information looking clean, percies and noticeable. This translated throughout the whole design in that I wanted to ensure that the logo, the THRIVE 365, was extremely recognizable. When I was working with Photoshop, it was very confusing at first because I had no previous experience with the program. However, once I caught on to how layers and text addition worked, I was able to compose something still very simple but a design I felt gave a statement, a sort of no questions asked statement. I feel like I need a lot more time with Photoshop in order to further my skills mainly because I’d like to see this design improve and be more lively. Ideas and words such as ‘Thrive’ should be doing just that – thriving!


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