Monthly Archives: November 2013

Released! Painting-to-Life: Biddie Soup (2013)

With much pleasure, I present to Biddie Soup!   First and foremost, I absolutely loved the Painting-to-Life project. If I was to look back at not only my group’s production timeline but our shot lists and group responsibilities, I would say that we stayed true to our original ideas and plans to a tee. Throughout […]

Setting Up Your Shots

For this project, we were able to use our endless creativity to work in certain types of shots and editing techniques by tying it all into a short trailer. Unbeknownst to us, our professor decided to mix things up and have us pick the theme or motif of the trailer a hat! Naturally, none of […]

Painting-to-Life: Preproduction

The concept of my group’s Painting-to-Life video is a reenactment of Andy Warhol’s iconic Campbell’s Tomato Soup painting in the style of a struggling college student trying to make a seemingly simple meal for herself. Below is a production timeline, plot overview, shot list, and list of responsibilities for each our group’s members. Production Timeline Pre-production: […]