Painting-to-Life: Preproduction

The concept of my group’s Painting-to-Life video is a reenactment of Andy Warhol’s iconic Campbell’s Tomato Soup painting in the style of a struggling college student trying to make a seemingly simple meal for herself.

Below is a production timeline, plot overview, shot list, and list of responsibilities for each our group’s members.

Production Timeline

Pre-production: Plan out shot list/storyboard on Nov. 6thProduction: Film on Nov. 8th at 4pm

Post Production: Edit in class on Nov. 11th, if necessary meet later in the week to finish


Hannah: Editor, assistant director

Sam: Director, cameraman, storyboard maker

Hayley: Actress, editor

Plot Outline

We will begin with a shot of Andy Warhol’s famous painting of the Campbell soup can, which will slowly fade into a real version of a Campbell soup can. Then, we will show how it is a college student in the dorm kitchen trying to make soup. They will use a can opener and spill a bunch of soup everywhere. Then, they will fill a pot with water and start to boil it. Once it’s boiling, they’ll pour the rest of the soup in the pot. They will stir it and add salt from a salt shaker, which will open and all of the salt will pour in. Eventually, they’ll stop cooking the soup and pour it into a bowl (spilling once again). When they try the soup, they will be disgusted. Then we’ll cut to the student giving up and walking to Eagle’s Nest and buying a Subway sandwich.

Shot List

  • Freeze frame of Warhol’s Campbell painting

  • Medium close-up of real Campbell soup can

  • Pan over to soup can

  • Close-up of can opener

  • Close-up of determined face – thematic cut

    • Cutaway – “Here we go”

  • Follow medium shot to wanting to opening can

  • Full shot of Hayley in the kitchen

  • Zoom into spilling soup while trying to open it

  • Close up of Hayley’s irritation

  • Match cut for hand going to cupboard

    • Grabbing a pot from a cupboard –

  • Match cut to filling it with water from sink

    • match cut to stove

  • Medium shot Hayley waiting for it to boil

  • Close up of boiling pot and pouring soup into it

  • Close-up of trying to mix it

    • spills everywhere, match cuts, quick of spots/spills

    • “round 1”

    • shots of her fiddling with dial on oven

    • shot of fire alarm

      • extreme close up of her super distressed

      • “Oh no!”

  • Medium shot of Hayley getting salt shaker, pouring some in

  • Close-up of salt shaker opening and all of it dumping into the soup

    • match cut to Hayley in shock

  • Jump cut stirring the soup

  • Close up of pouring soup into a bowl

  • Close shot of Hayley trying the soup; disgusted

  • Full shot of the kitchen, messy and Hayley at a loss

  • Freeze frame of Warhol’s Campbell painting



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