Setting Up Your Shots

For this project, we were able to use our endless creativity to work in certain types of shots and editing techniques by tying it all into a short trailer. Unbeknownst to us, our professor decided to mix things up and have us pick the theme or motif of the trailer a hat! Naturally, none of the content I had shot had anything to do with a scifi-thriller movie blockbuster.

Shooting the film was a ton of fun. I grabbed a few of my friend who would be interested in helping me out and they were more than excited to take part in the project. The biggest challenge of this project was to edit the film in a way that would portray the theme we were given. However, it ended up working in my favor: I used the acclaimed Star Wars title sequences, the classic wipe transitions, and ended the clips with a post-apocolypic sounding song.

In all, the trailer looks a tad silly but nevertheless encompasses all necessary shots and editing techniques need to make this a learning experience for me (and for my non-SOC friends).

Link provided here!


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