Released! Painting-to-Life: Biddie Soup (2013)

With much pleasure, I present to Biddie Soup!


First and foremost, I absolutely loved the Painting-to-Life project. If I was to look back at not only my group’s production timeline but our shot lists and group responsibilities, I would say that we stayed true to our original ideas and plans to a tee. Throughout the production process, we were able to meet and film at a time convenient for everyone. We work efficiently, with tons of laughs along the way.

Some of the issues we faced during the production process ranged. Some were simple like already acing opened a soup can when we forgot to shoot an angle where the can had not yet been opened. Other times, the lighting was not up to par and we were unable to get the right amount of light to shine just so. We tried our best to work with what we had and once our rough cut was presented, I was proud of what we accomplished. Since our concept was that of a silent movie, often times it was hard for us to really get in the mood of the piece due to the lack of music and title screens. However, after we received some much-needed constructive criticism, we were back to the drawing table. My group did an amazing job and replicating some of our more complicated shots in order to make them even better. We tried even more daring editing techniques and soon enough, we began to pick up on what was particularly aesthetically pleasing.

I think our finished product is a wonderful statement of our hard work and dedication to achieving the best possible shots with the lack of equipment we had to work with. I learned that you do not necessarily have to have an HDR camera and professional sound equipment to produce what I find to be a quality piece of art. I am so extremely proud of everyone in my group and a special shout-out to Hayley and her blockbuster film debut as our leading lady!


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