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Thrive DC: Reflection on Final Project Pieces

The evolution of the final project began within the first few weeks of classes. Our professor, Kim Lllerena, had introduced us to one of the key team members with the D.C. based non-profit Thrive DC, Chris Nance. After a presentation with Mr. Nance describing Thrive DC’s mission, goals, financial needs, clientele, and graphic design/media needs, […]

Released! Painting-to-Life: Biddie Soup (2013)

With much pleasure, I present to Biddie Soup!   First and foremost, I absolutely loved the Painting-to-Life project. If I was to look back at not only my group’s production timeline but our shot lists and group responsibilities, I would say that we stayed true to our original ideas and plans to a tee. Throughout […]

Setting Up Your Shots

For this project, we were able to use our endless creativity to work in certain types of shots and editing techniques by tying it all into a short trailer. Unbeknownst to us, our professor decided to mix things up and have us pick the theme or motif of the trailer a hat! Naturally, none of […]

Painting-to-Life: Preproduction

The concept of my group’s Painting-to-Life video is a reenactment of Andy Warhol’s iconic Campbell’s Tomato Soup painting in the style of a struggling college student trying to make a seemingly simple meal for herself. Below is a production timeline, plot overview, shot list, and list of responsibilities for each our group’s members. Production Timeline Pre-production: […]

Deconstruction of a Scene – No Country for Old Men

Joel and Ethan Coen have mastered the art of filmmaking many times over with their critically acclaimed films such as Fargo and O Brother, Where Art Thou? Each of their directorial and artistic choices map out screenplays and plot twists one could only identify as the Coen brothers. In the film No Country for Old Men, […]

Thrive DC: Prototype Save-the-Date Card

For our final project, we are creating materials for a non-profit organization called Thrive DC. Here is one of my prototype I created for a save-the-date card: My thought process behind this save-the-date card was simple: to keep the information looking clean, percies and noticeable. This translated throughout the whole design in that I wanted […]

Photograph Pre-visualization Proposal – Nan Goldin inspired

Nan Goldin’s photography very much resonated with me. The subject matter she deals with often goes unseen and is rumored to be controversially. Her documentation of the gritty underbelly of society drew me to conceptual understanding of the 1970s and 1980s in New York City. Many of the subcultures she photographed helped define motifs she […]