Photojournalism is, in my opinion, one of the most important aspects of history. Without someone there to document happenings not only in writing via captions and descriptions but through images and photographs, the world would not be what it is today nor have recollection of what it was. In reading Forbes’s article Why Times Magazine […]

Philip Graham, past publisher and co-owner of The Washington Post, once said that “journalism is the first rough draft of history”. No edits had been made yet. The happenings of the world were raw, unprocessed, and often times unrefined. The photograph I decided to analyze was The Falling Man, captured by Associated Press photographer Richard Drew. Deemed distasteful […]

In reading Jim Krause’s Photo Idea Index, I found myself being reminded of how much I really enjoy photography. The tag line of book is to “explore new ways to capture and create exceptional images with digital camera and software” – Krause definitely lives up to this. Throughout the book, he often makes statements about how […]

When it comes to advertising, there are quite a few ways to go about making your message heard. It’s not as simple as placing the name of a company with a logo – or is it? In this assignment, we were asked to deconstruct a print advertisement. Done from the point of view of a […]

While watching Gary Hustwit’s Helvetica, I found myself pondering the universal nature of the font itself. What really struck me about the commentary of the Helvetica’s design was the fact it appeared to be used by everyone and was on everything. One particular segment that I felt rang true throughout the whole piece was the […]

It’s a different experience to read what you would normally in a textbook to be in a comic. Understanding Comics highlighted aspects of human perception that takes place without us even thinking. Chapters two and five also made note of certain characteristics of a comics such as stylistic choices, intricacies of drawing, and the importance […]